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Minutes of 2014 September 10

The following notes were taken by JoAnne DeRouen for Margot Hasha who was unable to attend the meeting. The meeting occurred in HL Griffin Hall, Room 315, from 3:30 to 4:45.

Prior to the beginning of AAUP business there was some informal reporting of the meeting held on Tuesday, Sept 9, 2014 in Angelle Hall where the President and Provost of the University spoke to the faculty of UL. Informal reporting stated that $750 will be awarded to each faculty member as a permanent raise. An additional average of 4% of salary is going to be distributed within the new merit system.

AAUP Business:

George Wooddell (AAUP President) distributed a bulleted President’s Report of the accomplishments of the AAUP over the last few months. (See handout for details.)

Wooddell made the following comments/reports/recommendations:

  • AAUP members need to be in the Faculty Senate.
  • Provost shifted into gear – has a lot to put before the Faculty Senate – too much for one meeting per month. It is likely that the Faculty Senate will begin having two meetings per month. One regular meeting and one meeting to address the work needed for the Provost; these meetings may occur on the first and third Wednesday of the month, but it is not certain at this time.
  • At the end of the last calendar year a pay plan was approved by the Faculty Senate. After approval the Deans voiced some concern and ultimately members of the Faculty Senate Pay Plan Committee met with a delegation of deans, who offered their arguments concerning the plan and provided some options for the Faculty Senate to try. The options were tried and the committee arrived at what they believe to be a better, consensus plan. This plan will be presented to the Faculty Senate at the next meeting (scheduled for 17 September 2014 at 4pm).
  • There is work in progress for a new policy/procedure to be implemented on “how to make changes to the Faculty Handbook.” It is expected that these new procedures for changes will be presented to the Faculty Senate for input/comment/decisions at the next meeting (scheduled for Sept 17, 2014 at 4pm).
  • New laws on sexual assault on college campuses. UL needs to write a policy which will eventually end up being presented to the Faculty Senate at some point. The Provost has created a Task Force to work on this issue.

Mark Smith reported that there is $1675.03 in the bank account. No change since last reported.

In the past AAUP UL Chapter funds were used for two things: (1) making certain the administration had a copy of the “red book”; and (2) sending a member to the annual meeting in Washington DC.

In years past the local chapter dues were $8.00 per year.

The local chapter may get money from the state chapter of the AAUP. Leslie Bary and Istvan Berkeley are the UL representatives to the state chapter. Bary was elected in the spring of 2014 and attended a meeting in New Orleans. There were not many people at the meeting. Bary said we could send more people to the meetings that are held in New Orleans and we could get more people involved. The state leadership looks favorably on our UL chapter and wants to see more of us at meetings. Berkeley stated that he has been a representative to the state chapter for three years. He said we went from nothing (no members) to a high of 44 members. Berkeley received an award from the state chapter. Wooddell requested that Berkeley provide him with contact information for the state chapter.

Judy Gentry thanked John Laudun for getting the website up and running and it is now listed on the AAUP National list.

Wooddell thanked Margot Hasha for her work on many issues including the sexual assault policy issue for the University. It is important to keep this issue in the AAUP sights. 

Thanks to Leslie Bary who serves as the Chair of the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women.  

Jim McDonald spoke about the Task Force to address the policy concerning procedures to change the Faculty Handbook. The policy will give the Faculty Senate a strong, formal role in deciding upon any changes to the faculty handbook. The Faculty Senate will also review any and all things that are ordered to be entered to the handbook by the State Legislature or the Board of Regents. McDonald stated that the Provost is not happy that UL has so many procedures that are not spelled out in the Faculty Handbook. He also noted, with regards to the current CACS controversy, that the University had no policy on the allocation of space (building/office space). Finally, McDonald stated that there is talk of creating a Faculty Budget Committee.

Bary stated that all written procedures need to be carefully considered and reviewed by the Faculty Senate for typos, changes of meaning and changes by omission. She reminded those in attendance of what appeared to be an attempt by someone in a past Senate to present substantive changes to the Senate Constitution as minor technical edits.  

The Task Force created to address procedures for making changes to the Faculty Handbook meets tomorrow (Sept 11, 2014) with Henderson to present a draft of the procedures document. The draft will be on the Faculty Senate website. It was suggested the document be placed on the AAUP website and there was agreement that this was a good idea.

It was stated that there may be changes that need to be made to the Faculty Senate Constitution when changes are made to the Faculty HandBook.

Judy Gentry, Leslie Bary and Mark Smith were charged with pursuing the goal of ensuring that faculty (with some exceptions) are not required to waive their rights to keep their credit histories private or to refuse suspicionless drug testing.

In the near future UL AAUP will continue to promote the membership drive for AAUP.

Meeting adjourned around 4:45.